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20 Commando G Bruja de Rozas

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Every now and then you come across a wine that makes you rethink your knowledge of a certain grape. Comando G’s “La Bruja de Rozas” old-vine Garnacha is one of those wines: Within the Grenache universe, there are a precious few (we’re looking at you, Rayas) who manage to coax such cherry-fruited finesse from this variety. 


The first red to be bottled and sold is the 2020 La Bruja de Rozas, which feels a little more reductive this year. The grapes were picked before the torrential rains, so the wine shows a little riper than the wines that were picked after (the single vineyards). It's flinty and with a note of struck match, with good ripeness at 14.5% alcohol. This is always aromatic and floral, pale and surprisingly ethereal and expressive, a very pleasant and surprising wine that tends to please most people. This is the wine that I buy in volume, as it's a superb introduction to the Comando G portfolio and style at a very good price. Even though the nose is never short of spectacular, to me the signature here is the super fine grainy tannins from the decomposed granite soils. This goes back to the freshness of 2016 and 2018, perhaps a little rounder and less herbal, somewhere in between the two vintages.