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A. Bommarito

2010 Diel Dorsheim PitterMannchen Auslese

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From largely healthy fruit, the Diel 2010 Dorsheimer Pittermannchen Riesling Auslese is as delicate and buoyant as the corresponding Spatlese, mingling lush pink grapefruit and Rainier cherry, with mint, brown spices, and citrus pip serving for complex and delectable counterpoint. Wafting yet glycerin-rich and expansive, this finishes with seemingly incandescent intensity, the faintest suggestion of a honeyed glaze pointing toward its share of ennobled berries.

Look for 20-25 years of delight. While her famous father Armin naturally continues as a trusted advisor, it is evident in conversation as well from continued adjustments in methodology that Caroline Diel is settling into her role as hands-on manager of this great estate, clearly positioning it as one of those lucky enough to receive the special benefits and blessings that can accrue to felicitous multi-generational collaboration. Selective double-salt de-acidification was performed here in 2010 – occasionally even in lots destined for residually sweet wines – and skin contact encouraged. Alcohol levels for this year’s Grosse Gewachse are in the moderate, 12.5-13% range.