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Single Barrel Club (SBC) - Year 2 Member Renewal ($200)

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Renewal Details & Year 2 Adjustments

1. Cost - We have lowered the cost to $200 for those renewing, as the membership fee itself does not include a bottle (Yellowstone).
2. "OG Member" Swag - We're very thankful of all you initial supporters, and want to do a few special things for you! This will include a special "OG" member glass and a holiday surprise were working on!
3. Facebook group - We are going create a private Facebook group in order to make additional communication easier, answer questions more efficiently, and create more of a group dynamic by hosting & planning shares etc. 
4. Free pours - We've held back 1 case of each barrel from year 1, so in addition to offering a taste of the new barrels as they arrive, all members will be entitled to a pour of any barrel we've ever done each time in the store. Should be fun to go back and taste/compare as we move forward!
5. Trips/ Group tasting - Covid regulations at distilleries has made this difficult thus far, but we are hopeful that in year 2 we can offer members the chance to join us as we do picks. Additionally, when sample kits are mailed in we want you all to come taste with us in store and be part of the selection process. More to come on this!
6. First Access to non spirits projects - We have quite a few group members involved in the beverage community, and are excited to bring the club 1st access to some fun sprits related projects. These include: An epic Port Solera that's been again away in our Makers Private Select Barrel, Barrel Aged Coffee currently in the New Riff Barrel, and Barrel Aged Stouts from some amazing local brewers!
7. Membership size - We are expanding the club very slightly, from 125 to 150 members. Our average bottle yield per barrel in year 1 was around 180 btls, so this should have very little effect other than helping us with cashflow and allowing us to invite some other fans to join. If you have a friend who is interested have them shoot us a quick note at

Once again, thank you! The club is only going to get better, and we sincerely hope you all join us for year 2!