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Long Story CWH Barrel Aged Coffee

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When Clayton Winehouse reached out saying they had another barrel for us, we got excited. When they told us it was from their New Riff store pick, we were ecstatic. New Riff is a fairly new distillery at only 8 years old, but their offerings have been great. To compliment the flavors of this barrel, we chose a fresh crop of Costa Rica Tarrazu that just became available to us. This honey process coffee was a complex coffee that had bright citrus notes and a subtle nutty sweetness. When aged in the New Riff Bourbon Barrel, the woody and spicy flavors of the barrel really started to shine, giving the coffee stronger notes of cedar and cinnamon, with the citrus falling to a background note. The bourbon characteristics that built up over time too came across as a chocolate booziness, akin to a bourbon malt ball.