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CWH SLD Chairman's Reserve 9yr Rum

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This Single Rum (molasses based, pot still, single distillery) from Saint Lucia Distillers in Saint Lucia is bottled under their Chairman’s Reserve brand. SLD have a range of stills and produce rum from both molasses and cane juice which gives them an incredible blending range to choose from when making rums, this particular rum was produced on their Vendome pot still, then put in Woodford Reserve Barrels. It was filled in 2011 and aged tropically for 9 years before being bottled in 2020. 

127 bottles produced from this single cask

Not colored, not chill filtered and bottled at 61.7% abv.

Many of these exact casks sell for well over $100 in numerous places!

The incredible St. Lucia Distillery, home of Chairman's Reserve, is the rum world's best-kept secret. This stupendous distillery is like a mini-Demarara Distillers Limited, insomuch as the distillery features a wide variety of stills and offers a huge array of different styles based on still type, substrate, fermentation times, and barrel types. To be precise, they have four stills making eight different styles of varying ester levels and cane base types. This exquisite barrel was distilled on the phenomenal Vendome still, an unusual hybrid pot-to-column that was purchased from another distillery in the early 2000s.  This style is used in only incredible small quantities in the distillery's standard blends. Powerful and complex, full of deep tropical fruit, bold spice, and a unique fresh wood quality that gives it almost a bourbon character.