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CWH Stellum SB Bourbon Perseus B2

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Perseus is  - 75% Corn/21% Rye/4% Barley Malt. Just over 6 years old.

It's a bright and fruit bourbon with plenty of fruit, which also show a nice rich caramel backbone that leads to a super long vanilla finish. The plate shows more citrus zest, milk chocolate tangerine, mango and other spices. WOW!

Stellum is the new, more consistent, always cask strength, line of whiskeys from Barrel Craft Spirits - known for there numerous award winning cask finished expressions such as Vantage and Seagrass.

Stellum Bourbon finds its flavor in the tension of three Indiana Bourbon mash bills, two of which are high-rye, with the third being almost exclusively corn. Older barrels from both Kentucky and Tennessee are folded in slowly, through a multi-step blending process. This brings added layers of depth and complexity, ultimately allowing us to round out a uniquely Stellum flavor profile.

Stellum Single barrel whiskeys are an expression of distinction and power. Every cask is different. Many make good ingredients, but only some possess the particular character and balance to make a worthy single barrel bottling. 

While marrying barrels for Stellum Bourbon and Stellum Rye, we occasionally identify specific barrels that we feel speak strongly alone. We set these barrels aside and bottle them at their true cask strength. Each is very much an individual experience, an unfiltered expression of one specific aging rather than a blend. 

Every Stellum Single barrel is selected for the program on its own merits. They are, however, bottled and released in groups. We give each group a name to group them by moments in time, though flavor profiles vary within each selection.