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Long Story Barrel Aged Coffee (Whole Beans) 8oz

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CWH & Long Story Collaboration
Indonesia Beans Aged in KO Bare Knuckle Bourbon Barrels


“The next offering in our barrel aged coffee series was a collaborative effort with Clayton Winehouse. When Chris offered up their freshly dumped KO Bare Knuckle barrel for us to use, we went on the hunt for a perfect coffee pairing. We ultimately landed on an Indonesian Wet-Hulled Java. This special process allows notes of tobacco and cedar shine through that we thought would pair perfectly with the CWH barrel. 

When we finally pulled a sample of this coffee, we were ecstatic with the results. The tobacco leaf aroma had taken on notes of lemongrass and cardamon on the nose, with the strong bourbon, cedar, and char presenting through the cup and into the palate. It finishes with a heavy barrel characteristic that is both spicy and sweet. The perfect coffee to enjoy as the temperature drops and we prepare for the holidays.”