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2022 Old Elk Four Grain

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The four grain is a new path for Old Elk, with a mashbill of 51% corn, 22.5% wheat, 19% barley, and 7.5% rye. From this 6 to 7 year old blend we are to expect, in Old Elk’s own words, a “smooth base with hints of almond, vanilla, maple, and spices.” Indeed, in stark contrast to the Double Wheat, there is a creamier profile here with almond and vanilla undertones. The nose is a nod to pastry dough (macarons or cannoli perhaps) and the palate starts off with an herb-forward spiciness that hints at a grass-driven mustiness. That gives way to mint and peppercorn, plus lesser but still present notes of cocoa, almond extract, and cinnamon. Maple syrup sneaks in alongside the cinnamon and raisin notes. This expression is also very well executed, providing a complex and interesting experience in which the various grains are neither overshadowed or overwhelming. 105.9 proof.