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Single Barrel Club (SBC) - Year 2 New Membership ($250)

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This annual membership guarantees the holder access to 1 bottle each of 10 qualifying Clayton Winehouse (CWH) single barrels selected exclusively by our experts, as well as inclusion in store raffles for all allocated whiskeys we receive. Simultaneously, club members agree to purchase 10 allotted bottles at regular retail price (our prices are very low!). Barrel picks may include all types of spirits: whiskey, tequila, mezcal, rum, etc., but will remain heavily focused on whiskey. 

The Year 2 membership term will run Aug 2, 2022 - July 31, 2023.

Additional membership benefits include:
1. New 
Member Bottle: All new SBC members will receive 1 bottle of their choice from the CWH Yellowstone Handpicked Collection Barrels - 102, 109, or 115pf.
2. Allocated items: The majority of all allocated and rare bottles will go into a pool exclusively reserved for purchase by SBC members. (We will occasionally reserve a btl for on-site consumption by the ounce). These bottles will then be distributed in a manner equitable for all members, such as a raffle. To be eligible for the raffles, you must purchase the core barrels that have been released up to that point in the year.
3. Member Party: All members (+1) will be invited to join us for an exclusive membership party at the store. Dates tbd later, with plenty of notice.
4. Glassware: All members will receive a unique custom printed Clayton Winehouse SBC glass.
5. Discounts: Members will receive 1 complimentary pour from any of the SBC selections each visit in, as well as 20% off Whiskey related events & tastings.
6. Other Barrels: Members will be given first right of refusal on all additional single barrel picks not included in the membership. These purchases however, will be optional and not required as part of the membership. This policy will be used if barrels yield a btl count lower than the amount of club members.
7. Extra Bottles: Members will have a chance to purchase additional bottles of their favorite barrels before the public is given an opportunity.
8. Trips - We will use a raffle system to invite members to join us on barrel selection trips to Kentucky. (Hopefully COVID will end and eventually allow this to happen!)
9. Renewal: All club members in good standing, who have purchased all 10 allotted single barrels, will be offered the chance to renew their membership in 2022, prior to any public sales. Failure to pickup bottles within a timely manner may result in membership non-renewal and/or cancelation.

Can I have more than 1 membership?
Only 1 membership per person, please. However your spouse, or other family members over 21 are welcome to join.
Do you ship?
We do not currently ship; all bottles must be picked up in store.
Can I have a proxy pick up my bottles?
Yes, please alert us to your proxy and we will save his/her name in our system. We are able to send you an online payment link.
How many memberships are there? 
We plan to offer 150 memberships in year 2.
What barrels will we be getting?
Year 1 barrels included Four Roses, Rebel Yell Wheated, Maker's Mark, Compass Box, El Mayor Tequila, Jefferson's Ocean Cask Strength, New Riff, Huling Station and more.
How many bottles do we get?
The membership includes 10 different barrel picks over the course of the term, but we expect to have several more "optional bottles" available for members to purchase at their discretion.
When will bottles be ready for pickup?
Unfortunately, it's hard to pinpoint barrel delivery windows, but we've done our best to spread out the timing of arrival. We will always communicate timelines via email and in year 2 via private facebook group.
What is the timely manner* for pickup listed above?
We ask that you try to pick up your bottles within a month of release.
What is a qualifying single barrel pick?
Any barrel that produces more than 150 bottles and has not already been part of the current membership term. We have done our best to thoroughly mix up the selections.
When does the membership start and end?
The membership term begins August 1st 2022 and ends July 31 2023.
How will you price your bottles?
All bottles included in the membership, as well as all allocated bottles will be priced at our regular in-store margin and not inflated. Typically a few dollars cheaper than the best retail prices in town.
What allocated items will you get?
Unfortunately, it is difficult to guarantee any allocations at this point, but we expect to have a solid mix of items from both our single barrel and distribution partners, which will no doubt grow over time. Examples include Blanton's, Eagle Rare, Elijah Craig, Pappy, BTAC, Michter's, Rebel Yell 10, Willet, Booker's, Weller, Blood Oath and many more!